For Students


 (For 4th to 12th grade students)

“VPA’s – Violence Prevention Agents”– Training Students to become UPSTANDERS


For far too many students, school is a place where cruelty is the norm and bullying is an accepted behavior. Current youth development research shows that when students work in partnership w/adults to solve challenging problems, amazing things happen. Students see, hear, and know things adults don’t and can intervene in ways adults can’t. By learning de-escalating communication tools and savvy intervention skills, students can reduce/stop bullying, intimidation, and harassment. If 25 ” VPA’s” intervene in one potentially hurtful situation each day, that is 125 interventions per week, or 5000 interventions in a school year. This training will help youth to build positive peer culture, positive social norms, & a supportive school environment for all. By the end of this workshop, students will be able to:


  • Introduce mechanisms where students can identify bullying concerns
  • Teach students how to adopt a strong, but caring stance against the “code of silence”
  • Practice de-escalating tools and kid-friendly intervention strategies for on-the-spot bullying episodes
  • Discover “shame-free” zones where bullying & teasing is not taking place
  • Learn classroom activities/lessons that can be implemented in any school setting
  • Practice simulated peer pressure reversal scenarios
  • Experience interactive, lively vignettes and real-life scenarios that can successfully confront bullying behaviors
  • Take responsibility for the well-being of others and their social environment
  • Teach and equip other students with the skills learned in this workshop
  • Recall the risk factors students encounter when transitioning to a new school or grade level
  • Examine helpful resources such as teen help lines and interactive websites
  • Discover what internet predators are looking for
  • Learn safety tips & proper netiquette for navigating social networking sites
  • Sign agreements for promoting internet safety