Donna Clark-Love


Bullying Expert

Donna Clark Love is an internationally recognized expert and trainer in the areas of Bully Prevention.  Donna has been featured on the NBC Today Show and the NBC Evening News to highlight successful prevention/intervention programs and also has been interviewed by Forbes Magazine.


Donna recently spoke on a local news program about the problems associated with bullying in schools.

Bully Prevention Manual & CD

What school doesn’t need an effective framework for dealing with the bully, the bullied and the bystander?
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Bully Prevention  CD Toolbox

Need a way to report bullying? What about setting up a bullying prevention process? Save yourself hours of development and duplication by using the contents of this CD.
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The Complete Support Group Manual

Want a provocative step-by-step guide that you will want to read from cover to cover? This manual will help both the novice & veteran set-up and lead support groups. (K-12) evidence-based lessons on BULLYING, family systems, drug-use, trauma, etc. are included.
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What Others Are Saying

"Donna Clark Love is a masterful & dynamic trainer, gifted professional, and inspirational mentor. For fifteen years, she has conducted workshops for my school district. Our participants request her to come back every year because of her enthusiasm, humor, wisdom and highly spirited trainings."
--Carolyn Clark, Prevention Director, Alief ISD

“Donna’s presentations are action-packed and filled with practical ideas that teachers and administrators can walk away with and implement immediately. Participants will receive all the tools needed to fully implement a successful Bully Prevention Program."
-- Jill Darling, Student Assistance Director Richardson ISD

"Donna's ongoing support & training has been invaluable in addressing current and difficult issues such as cyber bullying and internet safety.”
--Steve Robertson, Principal Cinco Ranch Jr. High

"Mrs. Clark Love presented a one-day administrator workshop in our three county region in Southern Illinois in 2007. Everyone present was very impressed with her wealth of knowledge and compassion towards what many consider the number one problem in our schools today--bullying. Word of Mrs. Clark Love got back to our districts, and since 2007, she has presented to hundreds of our educators at our annual Tri-County Institute. As a sponsor of the institute, I can testify that Mrs. Clark Love's presentations always have a great attendance , and the evaluations are fantastic!"
-- Brian Guthrie, Assistant Superintendent

"An excellent presenter; Donna provides an eye opening presentation for educators and parents on prevention topics. Her experience in schools offer insight for a very informative & high energy training experience. She encourages audience participation and gets all attendees engaged in learning."
--Eugene A. Lewis, Chief of Police Alvin ISD

"Donna provides a wealth of knowledge to educators...her presentations are riveting and provide us with the most current bully prevention measures and strategies."
--Susan Parastar, Safe and Drug Free Schools Coordinator Deer Park ISD

“Donna’s tremendous amount of knowledge and outstanding professionalism has made her stand out among her colleagues as an exceptional presenter. "
-- Diane Taylor, Illinois Board of Education

“I attended Donna Clark Love’s ‘Mean Girls’ training. She is a fabulous communicator and trainer; I now know exactly how to help my students! She fills our toolbox with well- researched strategies.
--Peggy Barr, Counselor, Chancellor Elementary